Recently, I wrote on my FB wall that new diseases could also break out in the coming months and that the lockdown and recession could extend. Some people responded by saying that it sounded scary and one even sent a message saying that the message could spread fear and hinted that I take down the post.

It left me wondering why were people afraid of that scenario while for me it was just stating facts! Only after two days of pondering did I realize that I was not scared and hence I did not fathom the fear that my article could spawn. So what was the difference? Why were they so fearful that they did not even feel like thinking of a possible scenario and I was not?

It took me Twenty-three years back! I was at my life’s lowest ebb and set out looking for answers and a fascinating journey took me from one experience to another over many years. One such experience included managing without money, food & any support for fifteen days! I had seen it all!

Such experiences have made me internally strong. I have not only experienced such instances but even survived them. Today, I celebrate life each day (and not just my birthday!). I have stared at Fear for so long in the past that I became used to it. So here is my tip for you, be as scared as you can be! Go as deep into it as possible. Who knows, it could absolve you from it forever.

Here is why I think It could help.

Let us first understand why are people scared in the first place? It could be the fear of death, not only of self but even of the near and dear ones. Now, let me ask you a disturbing question, why the hell would people assume that they or their dear ones are going to be on this planet forever? For me, this is living in ignorance. Ignorance of the basic understanding of life and the way to live it.

Let us rewind a bit in the near future to see how have we lived our lives so far?

We have lived as if we are going to be on this planet permanently! Think of all the weekends that you have spent with your family, all the material possessions you have bought and displayed to all your friends and family, the way you fought for that promotion over your colleagues and then threw a conceited party to show off. The race of gathering it all, having it all, wanting it all, being the best, etc. and just as this was gathering pace there is a fear of letting it all go! The fear of losing it all at one go, the genesis of the fear! Attachment to all the material possessions in life leads to only deeprooted miseries. The secret of a fearless and blissful life is, to let go of all attachments and knowing the brevity of it all.

The biggest problem in life is not expecting the unexpected! Accept death as a natural part of Life. Like any other product around, we all are equally perishable. The day we all were born (Manufacturing date), we came with an expiry date and yet we do not wish to acknowledge it, leading to bigger complexities. Our spiritual guru would make us practice a day of death once in a while. He would often say, I am teaching you ‘The art of dying’. We would switch off our phones and would have no contact with the outer world and meditated for an entire day. The next day we saw that the world did just fine without us. It survived without us! Such a blow to the ego!

What are the chances that the fear will not return tomorrow in your life when everything seems to be normal? Prepare for it today! Dive deep into it right away and reflect on the kind of life you have lived.

What can be done to live a Life free of miseries? ‘Geeta’ shows the path and it propounds a life dedicated to karma without the attachment of its fruits. Slowly, a sense of detached Karma develops bringing about a sense of relief and peace, a rarity these days.

So, one could do the following starting today in order to begin losing fears:

  • Face the challenges and do not run away from it. Live each day as it comes and face each such challenge on a daily basis.
  • Dive deep into your own insecurities and become aware of it. Face it! Explore your fears.
  • Practice detachment. Focus on efforts and not the results.
  • Expect the unexpected! Expect things to go wrong. It reduces anxiety and stress in an unwanted situation.
  • Practice Death days! Does the world really revolve around you? What is the worst that could happen to it if you weren’t there? Allow your ego to seep it in slowly.
  • Remember, that one day all of us have to die. That’s an eternal truth! So instead of focusing on death let’s just refocus on Life and set things right!
  • Make a note of how would you wish to be remembered as, long after you are gone?

Hope the tips help you to refocus on Life as it comes and helps you to face fears! Do let me know your thoughts.

Transformation Coach