Being Aware of Impact of Values in Life

“To know right from wrong, you need to look into your belief system.”

Have you ever wondered how young children learn that they should not trust strangers? Or how does a school-going kid understand that bullying someone is not right? What about a teenager who refuses to go down the path of self-pity and chooses to make something of life instead? Well, these are all part of the intrinsic values that we as humans develop right from a very young age.

Our values are shaped by many factors, such as:

- Parental teachings

- Societal influence

- Learnings from day-to-day life

- Impact of major life events

- Our religious/ any other belief system

- Teachings at school

- Observation of friends and impact of their thoughts on us

- Our core nature

It is important for any person to be aware of their values in order to harness their true potential and navigate with confidence and dignity in life. For example, you might come across a highly lucrative job offer; however, if the recruiting company does not conform to your set of ethical beliefs, you will not be comfortable taking up that job. Similarly, the relationships you make in life will be based on what values you believe in.

In order to lead a life wherein you are in charge of your moral compass, it is necessary to look within and identify your core set of values. These values have a deep and lasting impact on your happiness, success, relationships and overall wellbeing. Remember, your values might also change with time and experience, however, being aware of these changes will enable you in making the right calls. After all, long-lasting contentment comes only when we take decisions that keep us at peace.

Transformation Coach