Say it, believe it, do it….it’s the only way to accomplish success.

Just to start with, humans are only creatures endowed with the power of expression that is talking and rational thinking. But do we really do justice to this blessing? We say something that we don’t believe in, we…

“A little more effort, a little more persistence and what seemed a hopeless failure may turn into glorious success”. Elbert Hubbard.

We all set goals but a few succeed in achieving the goals. Have you ever wondered why we fail? The reason is a lack of persistence and consistency. …

“To know right from wrong, you need to look into your belief system.”

Have you ever wondered how young children learn that they should not trust strangers? Or how does a school-going kid understand that bullying someone is not right? What about a teenager who refuses to go down the…

Himanshu Shekhar

Transformation Coach

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